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    Hi Jamie,

    Sorry to blip your forum today with questions :)

    Lets say I have 4 categories for my posts and I would like 2 categories to show up on a page called ‘x’ and the other 2 categories to show up on a page called ‘y’.
    How do you do this?

    Question 2:
    So lets say the above question is now answered. I have 2 pages now and both show different posts.
    Can I have one of those pages displaying the posts in a traditional single column format and the other showing the posts in a twin column format?
    If so how?

    Im confused as on my website, the ‘whats on’ navigation tab is not a page. There is no page called ‘whats on’.
    This stumps me a bit, Im not sure what is going on here as this tab displays some of my posts.
    Then I have a paged called ‘news blog’ and this is a page and is showing different posts compared to my ‘whats on’ tab.

    Its hard writing this down to be 100% clear.
    I do hope you get my drift :)
    Im going to be handing this site over soon, so just want to make sure Im clear on the set up.

    Thanks in advance :)

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi jake,

    Yep you can use the post loop widget to do all that.

    Here’s a tutorial that will help :)

    Let me know if that makes sense ,



    Thanks, watched the tutorial and all is a lot clearer :)

    So I can now have a page showing which ever post category I like or multiples. Thats sorted :)
    Now what I would like is for the posts from one category to show up on a page in a double column but not one column per category. 1 page, 1 category but appearing spread out over my page in 2 columns or 3 if were feeling flash.

    Is this possible?

    I have a menu tab showing ‘X’ posts and these posts are in a single column showing a thumbnail image and an excerpt of text. Perfecto-mondo this all looks brill.
    It would be ideal then if my next menu tab that shows ‘Y’ posts appeared slightly differently. So if these posts showed on the page in 2 columns it would be different on the eye and you would know your on a different tab.
    I wouldnt want all my menu pages all showing posts in the same way, that would be boring and silly.


    Ideally what Im after is a page for all my posts and a menu for my post categories within this page only.
    So page builder would be ideal to set the page up with various post categories but how do I create a new menu for my categories that only shows on this page?

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Jake,

    The easiest way would be to either hard code the categories in (via links) or create a custom menu and use the custom menu widget.

    Make sense ?



    No not really.
    Hard code sounds.. hard.
    Who makes the custom menu widget?

    For once I think of something not already done to death.
    Im surprised there is no easy way to manipulate posts around various pages.

    With regards the Foxlowe website. The foxlowe put on lots of different kinds of events.
    So knitting classes to live bands, all different kinds of art displays and workshops. The list is massive.
    They were using an event plugin called ‘events’ by timely. I find this clunky and ugly as hell. I want to promote the various foxlowe events via posts. I can write much more with a post and include multiple images and video clips.
    I fancy a random magazine layout similar to Woo Themes ‘Jotter’ for my posts with these event posts having there own sub menu so I can view only ‘cinema’ events or what ever the category might be.

    Come on Jamie, tell me this is all already available and send me a link and how to video :)

    Jamie Marsland

    Ok Jake, i’ll give it some thought :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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