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    Getting Canvas to work on WPMU Buddypress 2Paul Jenkins

    Hi Jamie,

    I’ve done a completely fresh install of WPMS/WPMU on a localhost (using DesktopServer), adding Buddypress but leaving BBPress off for now. Canvas child enabled on the network’s main site. Have enabled new users and sites in network settings. BuddyPress Groups not yet enabled. Everything seems to be working perfectly apart from:

    on front-end Register screen, which loads ‘Create an Account’ form perfectly fine, I’m getting immediately below it:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function bp_blogs_subdomain_base() in /Users/Paul/Documents/ on line 211

    back-end admin screens don’t display any error messages.

    I noticed your suggested fix to BuddyPress/Canvas issues at point 59 at:
    Therefore I put the bbpress.php file the canvas-child directory, and copied-pasted using TextMate the text from the canvas-custom-bbpress-template-loaders file into the appropriate area of a functions.php file, duplicated from the main canvas directory, located inside canvas-child directory. Unfortunately I still get the same error when I click the Register link (taking me to

    I also saw the solution (which may be for older versions?) you mention at:
    I tried taking out the functions.php and bbpress.php files above, and substituting into canvas-child the content-archive-forum.php and content-archive-topic.php files, but this made no difference.

    Finally, I tried this code: include( getcwd() . ‘/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-blogs/bp-blogs-template.php’ );
    in a fresh duplicated functions.php file in canvas-child. I still get same error.

    Reading the error message, I’m wondering whether the issue is that with a subdomain WPMU install on localhost, the error is occurring because there is no equivalent of a wildcard (as would be the case if installed on a live server).

    I really want to get BuddyPress, BBPress and Canvas singing on WPMU – could you please point me in the right direction? Thanks!


    Getting Canvas to work on WPMU Buddypress 2Paul Jenkins

    Follow up: after trying to get this to work all day, finally found the solution here by Ian of WPMUDev

    Solution is to enable Site Tracking in the BuddyPress settings. Voila!

    Wasn’t too happy with Woothemes response that this outside their support structure, though!…

    Getting Canvas to work on WPMU Buddypress 4Jamie Marsland

    Great, thanks for sharing Paul :)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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