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    Annmarie Millar

    Hi Again,

    Upgraded the Woocommerece shop to 2.04 for and it was working ok at first but being bit sluggish and then the buttons stopped working, so you could not purchase anything, emailed Woo and they said upgrade the canvas, and it’s completely messed up the site now…Arghhh!! On the bright side the shop is working but rest of site is mucked up, the Navigation and the widgets, the Nav bar is wrong size and some of the widgets have disappeared?

    Do you have any advice please? trying to get it fixed asap! tried to put up the maintenance mode too and that’s not working either! also have logo strings of gobbledegook in the permalinks?

    Totally nightmare as site was working great as was shop until the update!!



    Jamie Marsland

    Hi AnnMarie,

    Do you have back up (or your web host?). Might be best to try and revert for now.


    1) Your nav bar is trying to accomodate the shopping cart icon. You can either turn this off (canvas/theme options/woocommerce) or reduce the size or number of menu items.

    2) Odd permalinks – this may be being caused by a plugin (share this?). Try deactivating and seeing if this solves it

    3) Re widgets – if you are using woosidebar manager you may need to update this. Or you may need to re add them.

    Hope that all helps somewhat :)



    Annmarie Millar

    Thanks so much Jamie, that all has really helped!!!

    Have done everything that you said and it’s working, fine now in Safari & Firefox but home page is messed up in Chrome?

    Increased the memory as that was coming up in the WC system report, but this is still not being reflected this, still saying in red you should increase and it’s up to 128MB in the Heart public folder, php.ini file.

    Product bundles sometime coming up being not found when you click but then they load.

    The Css for the business slider to hid the arrows is not working now, it’s still pressent in the woodojo Css part, perhaps I should move it now?


    Am :)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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