BuddyPress tutorial

Welcome to my BuddyPress tutorial. These video tutorials take you through the main functionality of BuddyPress. BuddyPress lets you create your own fully featured social network inside your website.

These videos are best watched full screen by clicking this icon BuddyPress tutorial 1once the video is playing


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1) BuddyPress installation

This tutorial walks you through installation (2 min, 07 secs).


2) Settings and configuration

This tutorial walks you through some of the key settings with BuddyPress (2 min, 19 secs).


3) How to create and manage Groups

This tutorial shows you how to create Groups (3 min, 49 secs).


4) How to add members to Groups

This tutorial shows you how to add and remove members from and to Groups (1 min, 21 secs).


5) How to add Forums to Buddypress (using BBPress)

This tutorial shows you how add forums to Groups and to your website (4 min, 10 secs).


6) Add a manage Activity Streams

This tutorial shows you how to manage member Activity on your website (1 min, 0 secs).


7) BuddyPress Widgets

This tutorial shows you some of the key BuddyPress widgets (1 min, 17 secs).


8) How to turn on Messenging

This tutorial shows you how turn on member email (1 min, 43 secs).


9) Setting up the Member registration page

This tutorial shows you how to set up member registration. (3 min, 08 secs).


10) How to use Extended Profiles

This tutorial shows how to collect extra data from your members on registration (2 min, 21 secs).


11) How add functionality with BuddyPress plugins

This tutorial shows you how to add extra functionality with BuddyPress plugins (1 min, 17 secs).