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woothemes canvas extensions

Powerful Plugins for WooThemes Canvas - including PageBuilder and PageCustomizer.



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wp training courses
Learn to build a great website on our 'Learn WordPress in 1 day' course or a 'private WordPress training course'.



Learn WordPress online, at your own pace, with our 'step by step' video tutorials and 'members only' support forum.



wordpress xpress

Build your website + learn WordPress in 1 day on one of our private 'one-to-one' WordPress Xpress days.


What our customers say



Adii Pienaar
Woothemes Founder

“Pootlepress have shown time & time again that they really know our products very well. We absolutely love sending our users to Pootlepress, because of that!”


Holly Tarquini
Bath Film festival

“What a great set of tutorials, easy to follow, clear explanations and useful visuals. This set really does take you through from ignorance to building a WordPress website – highly recommended!”


Sherm Cohen
Disney Storyboard Artist
“Thank you SOOO much for making the Whitelight videos, they solved every question I had. I followed along step by step, and after a little while I had gotten my entire site set up! You saved me so much time and made things so easy. I don’t know how to thank you enough.”


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About PootlePress

"Hi, I am Jamie Marsland the founder of Pootlepress. I’m  passionate about the next stage of the web and how it’s changing the world (mostly for the better). 

PootlePress are passionate about WordPress. We've trained over 2500 people on WordPress in the past 3 years, we have over 750 members to our online training Academy and our plugins are used by thousands of customers worldwide.

I am a dad with 3 beautiful daughters all under 12 and I need to make a fantastic success of Pootlepress as I have some weddings to pay for in a few years time."