WooThemes Canvas Extensions

WooThemes Canvas Extensions are small plugins that do powerful things with WooThemes Canvas

If you are using Canvas by WooThemes you will know what an incredible theme it is. But you will also know that it doesn’t do everything. If you want to make it really fit the design of your dreams, then there can be a lot of custom CSS and functions involved. The more custom code you use the hard your site (or your client’s site is to manage). That’s where Canvas Extensions coming in. They give you the power to extend WooThemes Canvas, with clicks and not code – saving you hours of hard work.

All of our Canvas Extensions come with 12 months email support and free upgrades that you can get from your PootlePress store account. We also provide a video walk-through of each one, like a demo making it easy for you to start making your WooThemes Canvas site look great.

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