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Hi, Jamie here, thanks for dropping by 🙂

Last week I sent out an email to Pootlepress customers asking if there was anything I could do to help and was humbled by your responses.

Your many heartbreaking stories of how COVID 19 has damaged, and in some cases destroyed your businesses, were really hard to read.

But your kinds words of support and encouragement were fantastic – so a big big thank you from me.

Many of you told me that you would like help taking your business digital, so I’ve put together a program of online courses below that should help you with this.

As I wrote in my email, I realise that some of you have seen your business ‘fall off a cliff’ in the space of a week, so I’m going to make a number of places on the courses completely free.  Please contact me here if you would like take up my offer of a free place. Please only take up a free place if you are in this situation. This is so those that really need help can access the training, and I can still feed my family 🙂

Scroll down to see the courses and if you have any questions, please do email me at jamie@pootlepress.com or leave a comment at the bottom of this page.

Thanks for taking the time to pootle, and stay safe.


jamie pootle

SEO for Beginners course

This is a live and interactive course that will be held using Zoom

What you will learn

  • How to rank higher in Google
  • How to get more traffic from Google
  • Understand the fundamentals of how Search Engines work
  • What are keywords
  • Learn how to research what keywords you should use
  • Learn how to track your keyword ranking in Google
  • Learn what keywords your competitors are ranking for, and how much traffic they are getting
  • Learn how to outrank your competitors
  • How to put together your content marketing plan
  • Common mistakes to avoid

Adding Ecommerce to your website

This is a live and interactive course that will be held using Zoom

This training course will teach you how to build an ecommerce store with WordPress and the WooCommerce plugin.

With a little knowledge and training you can now set up your own online store. No coding or technical knowledge is needed. As long as you can use a computer you will be able to build your own online store!

What you will learn

  • How to create an online store with WooCommerce
  • How to sell products online
  • How to take payment
  • How to change the design of your store
  • Understand reporting
  • Fully understand how to change every element of your store

WordPress Xpress – Personal help from me to build your website in 1 day

This is a live and interactive course that will be held using Zoom

WordPress Xpress is a unique service that combines fast track ‘one to one’ WordPress private training and hands on help to build your WordPress website in just one day.

Learn WordPress in 1 day

This is a live and interactive course that will be held using Zoom

This course will give you all the knowledge you need to create and manage a great looking WordPress website

What you will learn

  • Create a WordPress website
  • Manage, update and improve an existing WordPress website
  • Use WordPress to manage your website content
  • Integrate social media content into your WordPress website
  • Promote your website
  • Manage comments
  • Understand and use WordPress themes, plugins and widgets

Learn WordPress in 1 day for kids

This is a live and interactive course that will be held using Zoom

As all the schools are closing I thought it would it be a nice idea to run my Learn WordPress in 1 day training course for 12-18 year olds.

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