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    No sorted this issue. But do you have a tutorial to pop a slider in an existing page that has been built with page builder?

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    Hi Jaime,

    What I mean is,that I want to edit a page. But it does not show any of the Pootle page builder functions. You cannot see how to add rows etc.There are no icons. This is on both websites I have built. And I have not done any sliders. The plugins must still be working as my page layout is the same. Just the functionality to edit in the wordpress area cannot be used.

    If necessary I can screen shot and send to you?

    Also can I ask, Go Daddy who are my host keep trying to get my to buy more storage. Currently I am using 255.29 of my 1.024 memory use. Would this affect the website or is it a plug in issue?

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    Hi Jamie, 2 questions can you change the size of the slider to make it smaller? 2 the controls of my page builder seemed to have disappeared, although the plug in in still working. This has happened on both sites I have built. It this the plug in or down to hosting storage?

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    When using Pootle slider. If you add an image to a slider. How do you edit the slider if you have changed your mind and want to delete the image or change it for another? Also is there an option to add another text box to the same slider. Instead of the text appearing underneath?

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    cheers Jaime

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    Thanks Jamie,
    I will let you know how I get on once I have built the site. I have to say coming to your course at The Tivoli was the best thing I ever did. We have been able to break down our services and have dedicated sites for the customer we are trying to attract. I have since built 3 sites and am now at the half way point.HUGE THANKS!

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    Hi Jaime,

    Yes I have. Any suggestions?


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    No Jaime,

    I am totally stumped?

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    This is our site


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    thanks Jaime

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    Thanks Jamie I remember you telling us about this now. Also thanks for the Pootle page builder it worked a treat!

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    Al sorted now Jamie, Thanks thanks thanks…….

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    Thanks Jamie

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    I have come across this thread and have a similar question. I have installed the plug in Google XML site map. It is active and connected to my wordpress site and seems to be working. What I would like to know is that do I have to do anything else to submit a site map to Google/bing in the Google console not on the website?

    If so can you give me some tips on how to get the coding for the site map to be submitting in Google Console.


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