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  • in reply to: Using Storefront & WooCommerce but hiding the cart #47505

    Since writing this I’ve seen another post that answers my question. Thanks.

    in reply to: uploading images from and https URL. #21467

    Hi Jamie,

    I’ve emailed my login details to"> Thanks, Margaret

    in reply to: uploading images from and https URL. #21427

    Hi Jamie,
    It’s hosted with Crazy Domains. I’ve been thinking that this might be part of the problem and have contacted them but their response is also that some of my images are coming from an insecure location.

    Crazy domains is a real ‘El cheapo’ but it does get good reviews here. Perhaps it’s time to move to another host. I’ve been thinking about WP Engine. What is your opinion of this?


    in reply to: uploading images from and https URL. #21397

    Hi Jamie,
    I’m a bit confused too (though only through lack of knowledge). When I try:, a triangle with an exclamation mark appears in front of the URL. I’ve attached a screen shot of the message that appears when I click on the triangle and another of the expanded message.

    This also seems to be causing a problem when I try to attach the site to its Facebook page. I get a message saying that Facebook can’t connect because the site is insecure. (It will allow me to connect by SSL proxy but this is $29 per month that I am not prepared to pay.)

    in reply to: Creating Pages and Posts #17930

    Hi Jamie,

    I recently changed my Posts page and now it will not display. There are 2 possible things that might have caused this. The first thing I did was change from using text to using page builder on the site. Unfortunately, I didn’t view the page before doing an SEO check and changing the URL of the page. At this point I tried to view the page and got a 404 error.
    So I used the Redirection plug-in & 404 error went away.
    However, although the correct page URL displays in the address bar and the navigation appears to work correctly, there is no page content – only the content of the latest posts.


    in reply to: Turning custom images into fa icons #17800

    Thanks Jamie. That’s clear cut! Do you have any ideas about making custom icons available in the future?

    in reply to: Font Awesome Menus for WooThemes Canvas #17781

    Hi Jamie,

    I’m not sure if this is the right forum or if I should be posting to the Videos & Images one, so I’ll put it in both.

    I have Font Awesome Menus for Canvas but find that FortAwesome doesn’t have all the images I would like. Is there a way to take an image and create an fa- icon for this? I can’t draw for nuts (I once drew a reasonable dog and, in my efforts to improve it, turned it into a most ridiculous looking pig) so would need to take my images from iStock or similar. Also, I only know very limited HTML & CSS.

    Thanks for all your great products, by the way.

    Margaret Gray

    Thank you, Jamie. Once again I have to say thank you for your prompt & really helpful advice.

    This has also helped with things like getting my logo the right size for login branding.


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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