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    I got the following response from Woothemes:

    “I’d recommend adding the header image as the Custom Logo via Settings – this will make the image responsive. There’s no perfect solution for a responsive image when adding it using css ( background image)”.

    I then asked the following question: Does this mean that if I want to add a logo that I’ll have make it part of the header image?

    Yes, this is one option, or you can customize the header.php file and add the logo directly there.

    Though customizing the header.php is beyond me, I hope this helps other people.


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    I see this is an old thread and was wondering if some custom CSS is available or perhaps another solution? I will also get in touch with Woothemes.



    in reply to: Canvas Slider Position #15368

    Hi Jamie

    Thank you for this. I purchased Wooslider and have managed to get the slider in the position I wanted. However, I was wondering how to go about adding Title or other text to the photos in the slider. I really liked the business template where you could create a title that ran along the bottom of the photo in a slightly transparent box. Is this possible in Wooslider? Any tips would be most welcome.


    PS. I used the add slides option as opposed to posts or attachments.

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    Example of post with white text:

    Example of post with black text:

    I wasn’t involved in the construction of the blog element, so don’t really understand how this has happened.


    in reply to: Yoast SEO Plugin #8372

    Thanks Jamie. If I update the current version of wordpress from 3.1 to 3.5.1, is there any danger that any custom code or anything else on the website may be altered? I am scared that I will  not be able to reverse the action once implemented.


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    Hi Jamie

    I set the code as #navigation {margin-bottom: 0em;} and now the space between the Nav Bar and the slider looks just right.

    1. However, when I looked at the other pages I noticed that the page title and the widgetized areas on the right are now tight up against the Nav Bar. Is there a way that I can direct this HTML code just for the Home Page without it impacting on all the other pages? Ideally, I’d like the space between the Nav Bar and the widgetized area for the other pages to be 2em or 3em.

    2. I have been building the site via IE9 and noticed that when I looked at the site via Firefox and Chrome that the HTML code, although present, was not having any effect on the space between the Nav Bar and the slider. Is there anything I can do about this?




    in reply to: Woo Theme Short Codes #7759

    Hi Jamie

    I’ve opened the Home page’s text/html tab.

    Bearing in mind my limited knowledge of HTML everything seems to be in order. For instance the my H2 tags are showing up. I have also tested it by adding [box] [/box] around selected text and that is updating fine. When I use some of the other features within Woo Theme short codes, the HTML is present. Essentially, I click on the tab  and then nothing happens…I don’t get a new options menu appearing.

    In fact, what I’ve noticed is that those facilities without the extended menus (little black arrows) do not function at all and all the others do. I have also noticed that when I try to use the facilities without extended menus (info box, column layout, button, etc) I get a ‘Insert’ button at the base(rhs) of the page which doesn’t seem to do anything.

    Is there something that I should have ‘enabled’ earlier on to make this work properly?

    As usual any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Thank you, that worked a treat.

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    There was quite a bit of messing about involved, but I eventually sorted it.

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    I’m on a PC

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    in reply to: Canvas Drop Down Menu #7574

    Bingo! It’s dead easy when you know how!

    Thank you.

    in reply to: How do I remove the author name and category from my post page #7384

    I copied the CSS code from Firebug, posted it into the Custom CSS (via editor) and changed the code there (I hope I done good). Saying I didn’t have a clue as to what I was doing, I still managed to achieve some of the amendments I was after. The {display:none;} is indispensable!

    For what it’s worth, I also found this video helpful:


    in reply to: How to customise footer in Canvas theme #7352

    Thanks Jamie, that was very helpful.

    I’ve now managed to achieve what I wanted to with the footer for the time being. I think the tutorial would be really useful.

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