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    I’m still looking for the forum and Academy login no idea, is it hidden? I can only every search google for a in

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    Hi Philippa,

    I have a site with 1and1 and you can use WordPress with that host, even the basic package give you 5 SQL database which you need 1 for wordpress install and there is wordpress install option in the control panel. Small word of warning 1and1 restrict their theme size which you can download as standard. For instance 18tag will fail to load, it come up with a message saying the file is to large, which is bonkers. Not a problem, you phone them and they make the file cap large so you can install the theme, you will need some security information from the domain owner to do this. Once installed you login in using the WP-admin after the domain name like any other WordPress site, so you don’t need the 1and1 control panel, apart from email set up, any more.

    Hope that helps



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    It’s a 17inch running at 1080p i think. I took a look at the posts on an iPad and they are better in proportion, so it is very screen dependent.

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    Seem pagebuilder pro will solve all my problems, I better get it sorted before the 15th

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    With the full width feather image, the post content does look a little unbalance

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    I’ve just moved from canvas to 18tag and the comments boxes are back, can this be turn of for the whole site. Canvas had a custom.css box, I can’t find one in 18tag. Am i missing something, as all you tutors seem to have no comment boxes to start with. Thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)