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    Michael Brimer


    Hope the following query makes sense.

    I’ve installed Yoast (based on “traffic lights”) to identify SEO issues on my website.

    When I use Page Builder I design the page so that pictures will appear in one column/row and text is used in another.

    When I then check the SEO via Yoast, it comes up with a red cross indicating that the page I have set up does not contain any picture(s)- when I know for a fact that it clearly does

    I’m just wondering if there is a potential issue here where Yoast overlooks the fact that the page is broken up into numerous columns/rows and is only checking one?

    Hope this makes sense and that someone can clarify this issue.



    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Mick,

    Yep my understanding is that you can ignore yoast. PageBuilder still outputs valid html that google can see (including your picture), so from an SEO point of view everything is fine. I am assuming that Yoast SEO doesn’t analyse the pagebuilder widgets but that’s just a feature of yoast.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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