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    Hi Jamie

    This is a great idea. I have built a fair few of late using only Canvas.  Would be interested to hear what you or in fact anyone thinks of them?


    Ealing Electrician – J&J Richardson Electrical Ltd


    Roof Repair Ealing | Squire Projects





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    Jamie Marsland

    Great stuff :) Wonderful to see!


    WordPress Built Websites 4

    They’re really good. Nice big phone numbers and a clear list of services. Just how a proper small business should look like :)


    Brilliant, thanks for sharing. Again I can’t believe how flexable Canvas appears to be. I like the contact form on http://www.squireprojects.co.uk/ sidebar. how did you style it?


    Thanks Dominic

    I’ve used the plugin: ‘Contact Form 7’ and played around with the fields to give the contact form:

    Here is how I styled it in Canvas…

    Widget Background Color #f2f2f2
    Widget Border 2px | Solid | #F58220
    Widget Padding T/B 5 L/R 6
    Widget Title 23px | Solid | Trebuchet | Bold | #164170
    Widget Title Bottom Border 1px | Solid | #F58220
    Widget Text 14px | Trebuchet | Normal | #164170
    & haven’t used the rest of the settings on the Widgets Page.

    Hope that helps…

    Thanks very much

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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