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    Paul Brooks

    Hi Jamie

    I’m having problems with Portfolio Galleries showing incorrectly in Internet Explorer 8. Other browsers are working ok.

    For completeness I should mention –

    I’m using functions.php code (as in Woo support) so that many galleries are selective as to which images they show,  also code to allow content above the Gallery display.

    I’ve tried rebuilding pages, removing and reinstating images, removing all plugins, updating to latest WordPress, Woo Framework and Canvas, and reviewing my functions code, all without success. The problem I have is Internet Explorer 8 at zoom setting 100% and max window size is missing some images from Galleries. e.g http://www.justsooccasions.co.uk/balloons-printed/  –  In IE8 at zoom 100% and max window size, the 7th image (the one with “40th” on it) is missing. If I then resize the window  and drag the right hand window edge left and right the missing image appears/disappears and the rightmost images change size. At smaller dimensions all images show, but as the window is resized towards maximum possible width the seventh image disappears.

    Different zoom settings in IE8 also make results variable.

    I can’t nail down whether this is a Canvas issue, an IE8 issue, or whether I can do anything to resolve.

    You can see similar effects at http://www.justsooccasions.co.uk/napkins-corporate/  with more than one image disappearing.




    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Paul,

    There is a bug with the latest version of Canvas and IE 8. I logged this with Woothemes a couple of weeks ago and they are working on a fix. So I suspect that your problem is related to this. It might be worth you logging the specifics of your problem with them too.


    Paul Brooks

    Thanks Jamie. Problem logged with Woo. My experience suggests this bug goes back to at least Canvas 5.0.5

    Paul Brooks

    WooThemes have acknowledged problem with Portfolio displays in IE8, saying image sizes can be affected. They are also suggesting I’ve moved away from default of 3 images across screen so can’t guarantee results.

    I’ve gone for 6 images across using the Portfolio Settings > Portfolio Thumbnail Dimensions. As this is customisable I don’t understand how WooThemes can be critical of changing it. After some experimentation I found that changing image width from 140 to 141 pixels  solves my IE8 disappearing image problem, although image size problems at some IE8 View>Zoom settings persists.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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