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    Hi Jamie
    How are you?
    I have a few CSS changes I need to make to WooCommerce layout.
    1. take out ‘showing 1-25 results etc’
    2. take out the ‘default sorting’ drop down menu
    3. take out the add to cart button 

    Product Page
    1. Move price down to bottom next to add cart etc
    2. add cart and quantity if poss in one line and much smaller
    3. Most importantly remove the box with additional info and reviews
    1. padding to create space between navigation and page content
    Is this playing too much with the standard/default framework? If so please prioritise with your recommendations. I also have two jpegs of how I would the finished work to be like.
    Hope you can help with all/some of this?

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Mark,

    All good here thanks,

    That’s quite a list :)

    I’m putting together a CSS tutorial at the moment that will help you accomplish some of the above though. Should be out in the next couple of weeks.

    If you want a head start I recommend you take a look at Firebug – as this is what i will be using to show you how to tweak css yourself.



    Thanks Firebug looks good. I will have a go at some of the changes.

    The site is now live: http://www.stereophonic-supply.co

    Can I ask you to have a quick look at the shop for me? It’s more of a postage issue. I am pretty sure flat rate is correct. I am slightly unsure that International Delivery is correctly configured.

    Please have a look here: http://www.stereophonic-supply.co/shop/

    The back end was a touch tricky, but I think I have worked it out but a quick view from you would be very good of you. I can offer admin logins if needed.



    Bronwen Borowski

    Wow Jamie can’t wait for the tutorial, I think it’s just what I need. I’m happy with my site but a few tweaks would be fantastic. I’ll keep an eye out.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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