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    Woo User Voice 2Cameron Goodall

    Guys I just found this part of the Woo Themes universe. It allows individuals to suggest new things to be added to WooCommerce functionality.
    I’ve just added a suggestion here:


    which I’d like to ask you to vote for. Essentially I was surprised to find there wasn’t a plug-in at present which would allow customers to combine multiple delivery addresses in a single order. It’s also strange that no-one else has requested something similar.

    Suppose I have a customer who wants to order a specific product, or indeed a number of specific products, but wishes each one gift-wrapped and sent to a different family member. I imagine this shouldn’t be such a difficult thing to achieve and would save my customer from making each purchase separately. This could be off-putting if, for example, my customer wanted to send out an identical gift to a list of 50 loyal customers.

    I’d be grateful to have your support on this.

    Woo User Voice 3Jamie Marsland

    Will do..have you checked out the shipping extensions module?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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