what about Woothemes screwing their customers?

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    What is your take on Woo not understanding the meaning of the words’unlimited’, ‘lifetime’. I am extremely disappointed with their last annlouncement. Of course they are lying about ‘unlimted domains’ also they just haven’t announced it.

    I am sick to my stomach, I WAS getting ready to take my first WP site live, but now it will cost me real money to bring my ‘unlimited’ ‘lifetime’ products up to date. I probably should have done that sooner before they decided to screw me.

    -James Leonard

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi James,

    Well there have been 492 comments now on the WooThemes website blog and many angry customers (and some happy ones).

    I can see both sides of this one. I still think Woo offer great value for the functionality and quality of their products – but clearly the timing hasn’t been great and offering a sale of lifetime products a few weeks ago was unfortunate.

    I’ve been involved in, and run a number of start ups and I know the growing pains that you go through when you move from an entrepreneurial business to maturity. (and the mistakes you make).

    At some point in the near future it wouldn’t surprise me if woo brought in a more defined management structure (and potentially investors) to take the business forward.

    I’ll still be using Woo and recommending their products to my customers.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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