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    I’m using your pagebuilder pro and storefront pro. I’m impressed with the numerous features and options you’ve built into these products! Thank you for your time and effort to develop these!

    Question: I like your tutorial about how to customize the woocommerce shop page:

    I think I may try this but I’ve been struggling with the video file size and length. Any recommendations on optimum file sizes?

    For example, your hill running video is about 25 seconds, which I think is pretty good as I don’t want an excessively long video which may distract my customers from the products on the shop page. Just curious, what is the file size/how many MB is your hill running video? Your page seems to load fast and the video plays well. Does the file size have any effect on how fast the page loads?

    My file upload limit is 16mb. I wanted to get your opinion and get some sense of size recommendations before I ask my hosting provider to increase the limit.

    Also, your video is on a permanent loop playing over and over without stopping. I like that. How do I make my video play over and over?

    Thank you!


    Video length and file size questions 3Jamie Marsland

    Hi Jerry

    ​I’m managed to get my video down to about 2.5 mb – a good cheats way to do this is to upload to vimeo (or youtube first) and then download back from there – i found that they have a really good compression algorithm (much better than anything i could achieve with video software)

    ​If you set a video as a background it will loop automatically for you – i just added some fade to black so the transition loop works nicely :)

    ​hope that helps



    Awesome cheat! Thanks. I’ll try this.

    Great support as always!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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