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    Nic Crocker

    I am using the Woo theme ‘For The Cause’. I have successfully prevented meta data from being displayed on posts by adding custom CSS, e.g.
    .post-tags {display: none; }
    .post-author {display: none; }

    I want to include featured image because it creates a very attractive front page

    Screenshot of front page

    but I don’t want the featured image to apear on the post, where it just looks a bit messy and wastes space. I have followed your advice and inspected using Firebug. I’ve tried adding post-woo-image {display: none; } but this doesn’t work.
    Post Screenshot

    Any suggestions?



    Nic Crocker

    OK so I have solved my own problem. Not a first but still memorable :)

    I am much more used to adding CSS than editing files. I use a child theme and by adding the single.php to the child theme and then poking around I found that by removing the highlighted section I lost the featured image from the post but kept it in the homepage. Solution added in case it helps someone else sometime.

    screenshot of single.php

    Jamie Marsland

    Brilliant well done Nic – thanks for sharing :)

    Nic Crocker

    A post script. Having removed the featured image from the post I was left with an ugly space when what I wanted was the post to be full page. Using Inspector and then adding the below custom CSS the problem was solved. Added just in case it helps anyone.

    .single .hentry .entry { width: 100%; }

    Jamie Marsland

    Great stuff – well done and thanks for sharing Nic :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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