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    Hi Jamie,

    Just a quickie.
    Im getting spam email coming out of my ears!
    Its like a torrent of non stop nonsense… booo :(

    It started pretty much as soon as I signed up for the foobar banner same as you use.

    Now I dont know if its codecanyon or some kind of web bug thing thats scraped my email address from my website.
    Have you been having spam for breakfast, dinner and tea ever since you used the foobar banner? Do any of your other lovely wordpress disciples report spammy problems after using the foobar?

    Arhhh man I dont like spam its nasty….
    I aint won sh*t and the emails keep saying I have and I have money waiting for me but there aint no money… There’s nothing but spam bleaughhhhh spammmmmm.

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Jake,

    I wouldn’t have thought it was foobar – as this doesn’t have your email address?

    Is it spam email or spam coming through the website?



    Hello mate thanks for getting back :)

    I did pay foobar so they will have my email.
    Its email spam Im getting not wordpress website spam.
    Its all the same kind of scammy spam… Ive won this, Ive been awarded the other etc etc…
    SO annoying!!

    Hey Ho I suppose… BIG up you PootlePress lot :)
    My pal Mike Edge is coming to your Manchester 1 dayer, look after him will you :)


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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