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    Faith Sanderson

    Hiya – my website created in canvas has since yesterday stopped allowing a user to ‘scroll down’ a page using the slider bar on the right since yesterday?

    I installed the pootlepress ‘mobile menu’ plug in yesterday being the only change. I tried deactivating this and it still will not scroll down if the page is opened on a website.

    Please could you advise why this might be happening?

    Thanks for your help

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Faith,

    It seems to be working fine this end?

    Are you still having the issue?


    Faith Sanderson

    Yeah I am working from my MAC and if I use the arrows on the slider on the right – it works fine. If I press and hold the slider on the right to scroll down – it keeps jumping straight back to the top of the page on all pags. Very strange.

    Will get a few other people to test it. Any ideas though what this might be most welcome :)

    Faith Sanderson

    We’ve narrowed it down to only being a problem on my Google Chrome! Very bizarre – thank you for looking

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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