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    Joanna Price

    I have a website designed after a one day course with you a few years ago. It is for an Out of School CLub. We want to move on a stage and introduce online registration and booking. For the former we need parents to be able to fill in various details regarding themselves and their children online and for us to generate reports from that. The booking I think may be a little more complicated as we have a variety of different sessions that can be booked and all our customers have different needs. For example some want ever morning and every afternoon session each week, others want two mornings, three afternoons etc. I suspect that to add this on will need to be some kind of paid software.
    So can you tell me is there a plugin that will do the registration forms for me?
    Can you recommend any booking software?

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Joanna,

    Yes that sounds quite complex in terms of the variables you’ll need.

    Online forms are easy – you could use either ninja forms or gravity forms plugins
    The booking bit is more complex – It might be worth looking at woocommerce bookings for this bit

    Joanna Price

    Thanks Jamie

    I have successfully set up Gravity forms – as you said easy and does everything I want from the registration point of view, except one thing. Is there a way that clients can go back in and update their forms from the front end do you know? Does this need another plugin?

    Thanks again

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Jo,

    Just to clarify, do you want people to be able to edit the form data that they have already submitted ?

    That sounds like an interesting challenge if yes :)

    Let me know


    Joanna Price

    Hi Jamie

    Damn that I didn’t see this reply. However I worked it out through lots of research.
    I bought the Developer Licence for Gravity Forms allowing me to access the user registration add on. I then created a website registration form using this so that people are logged in and therefore have an ID before they complete an application form.
    Then with the stickylist plugin I was able to create a list on the frontend of the site that only showed the entry that particular user had created. From this list they can view, edit and delete their form.
    Feeling very pleased with myself!
    The developer licence is great as it also allows customers to actually sign the form, imports their details in to a mailchimp list and uploads to dropbox, though still struggling with a glitch in the latter.

    Online bookings next…..

    Thanks once again for your support. This forum and these tutorials are invaluable.

    Jamie Marsland

    Great, good to hear :)

    Joanna Price

    `Hi again

    I was just searching the forum to see if there was already an answer to my problem and came across my own entry from a couple of years ago so thought easier to ask here.

    Gravity forms with sticky list has worked well for a couple of years but recently I had to re do the website with Storefront as Canvas was too old. Big job but made easier with your page builder, thank you. However I have one remaining glitch and it is related to the previous query re users being able to edit their previous forms. Sticky list no longer seems to work.

    I have rebuilt a page using pagebuilder. I use one row for some text then a separate row for the shortcode for the sticky list. I have all the settings for sticky list in gravity forms as I want them but it either shows me a blank page or I get an error 500 message. I have tried uninstalling all other plugins then reinstalling them one at a time but nothing seems to make a difference.

    Any ideas?

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Joanna,

    Does the same problem happen if you are using the normal wp editor to create the page?


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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