Pointing new name to an old site

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    Pointing new name to an old site 2NIGEL SMITH

    Hi Jamie,
    I’ve been attempting to point a replacement name to an existing site previously on a now-expired domain name. The WP site is in its original form on the server and the new name is showing a skeletal page but without working links or images, I figure all the internal hyperlinks still exist as the old domain name. I have no access to the wp-dmin dashboard as it needs the old domain name.
    Re. MySQL, I only know how to set up a database but not got as far as knowing what’s inside them but I suspect I’m going to learn. I had a look inside the config file but nothing I could change in there so opened up the php-edit for the database for a looksee.
    In the Tables+ I found a line containing homepage text so opened that up & found the homepage body text, changed the url in three existing navigation buttons I’d built into the page and clicked on the Go button at page-bottom which has saved the changes. This has now allowed me (on the skeletal homepage) to access the three pages via the now correctly linked nav buttons so some progress there. I have no idea where the images are stored.
    Ideally what I need is a site-wide find&replace function within the database to swap the old domain name for the new one.

    Can you please shine a light into my darkness,

    Pointing new name to an old site 3Jamie Marsland

    Hi Nigel,

    Some hosting companies have a domain mapping tool which would be the easiest way to do this – so as a first step I would ask your hosting company if they can help,

    Let me know how you get on,

    Pointing new name to an old site 2NIGEL SMITH

    “domain mapping tool” – sounds interesting but I hope I don’t need one. After checking further I’ve emailed 1&1 with a polite but firm request to cancel the correct name as requested in my email and re-instate the active one that they have mistakenly expired. You just can’t get the staff these days.
    Many thanks for your weekend reply.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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