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    Neil Chatterjee

    I have recently added a PayPal widget to a new website (Canvas Theme). This looks great in the widgetized area.
    However, I was also hoping to set up a branded page where people can fill out a simple form and press the Paypal button on the page to make a payment/donation, a bit like the page on the Pootlepress website that you go to if you click to pay for joining the academy. How can I do this? Any advice would be great.

    For your info, I used Paypal Donations plugin by Johan Steen.



    Nick Burne

    Hi Neil,

    This is Nick from PootlePress.

    You should just be able to add the plugin’s shortcode to the page you want to create.

    The shortcode can be found on the plugin’s page here:

    For quick ref it is [paypal-donation] but there are other options if you visit the page.

    Let me know if this works for you!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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