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    I am trying swap my site over from pagebuilder for canvas to the new pagebuilder, and I’m having a nightmare. I have put the site on my server, deactivated my bought pagebuilder for canvas, and page-customizer and put on the free version of page-builder (I would have bought it but I wanted to find out if there were issues first… and by god there are!) so far:

    1. The columns don’t line up (that’s being investigated)
    2. I’m totally unable to use the pages that are already created with pb for canvas because it won’t let me drag and drop images or any of the options on the side when I try to update them. (So I have begun recreating the pages, but I have run into problem after problem and I’m only on the first page)
    3. the live editor doesn’t let me select a new size for fonts other than the huge font sizes in the drop down list- can the paid version let me put a font size of my choosing in there, or can you tell me how to add more font choices?
    4. when I try to get around this by going into the page edit (not live edit) to try and add custom typography to overcome this problem the drop down woocanvas shortcodes doesn’t show up when clicked, nor does the drop down for selecting text types like paragraphs or headings.

    I need to modify my design to have full-width sliders going across the page, and try as I might I haven’t been able to get pagebuilder for canvas to do do that. so that is why I wanted to update to the new and what is nearly totally brilliant pagebuilder. If I can get this working I have a few sites I’d love to swap over to it so would buy the full pagebuilder pro and abandon pagebuilder for canvas. But this is really proving very problematic. can you help?


    add to that …

    5. the live editor is not showing all my meta-slider slide shows
    6. When I try the back end editor to add slide show manually with a short code it won’t go full screen
    7. ccs changes that I’ve made and added to my child theme aren’t showing (only on the second page)

    …and I’m losing patience, to be honest… is the pro one any better?


    ok… solved so far: –

    re: 7 – I’ve worked out that I had missed a closing } on my ccs that’s why it wasn’t picking up the changes in the child theme

    re: 1 – apparently there is a small bug that means if you tick the make columns the same height that was causing the variation on the column widths so things weren’t lining up. Until it’s fixed if you are having the same problem just untick that box.


    Any help on this one would be greatly appreciated….

    5. the live editor is not showing all my meta-slider slideshows
    6. When I try the back-end editor to add slideshow manually with a shortcode it won’t go full screen

    as I can cope with all the other little problems, but this is stopping me getting on… would this work if I bought the pro-version?

    Pagebuilder for Canvas V Pagebuilder upgrade issues 6
    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Kelly,

    Apologies for the delay – we have a dedicated support system for our plugins and themes – could you raise a ticket here please

    many thanks


    Hi Jamie

    I sent a ticket in last thursday. But I’ll send another in now if it helps.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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