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    I’ve just started your course and followed your instructions, unfortunately I stumbled at the first hurdle and cannot get my website to open on its domain name only. If I try it just opens the hosts ‘site under construction’ page.

    I’ve deleted and tried various options but it will only open at:

    I’m obviously doing something wrong but just can’t find it, your help on this would be appreciated so I can get going with the course.

    Many thanks

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Ross,

    Sorry for the delay – this could be a few things, most likely related to how your hosting company has configured things

    Could you ask them, they might be able to solve it more easliy

    If you are still stuck let me know :)



    Hello Jamie

    Thank you for your post, I bought into your course a while ago, unfortunately because of ill health, I’ve only just been able to try and start it and was hoping to make good progress over the last weekend.

    Unfortunately the hosting company don’t seem to have any solutions for this and I spent a very frustrating amount of my time looking for solutions over last weekend that have confirmed it is not an uncommon problem with WordPress. So I am disappointed with your response to this issue, that I thought could be easily resolved with a company of your experience.

    I spent ages looking for the right course to avoid these sorts of problems and was reassured with your course advertising.

    ‘If you get stuck with anything we are here to help. The ‘members only’ forum gives you a place where you can post as many questions as you want. We are there every day to help and guide you.’

    Unfortunately it took a few days to get any response and that couldn’t resolve the problem. If it had been within your 30 day money back guarantee I would have asked for my money back, however because of my delayed start I can’t do that. But, I don’t intend to waste anymore of my time and struggle on with a WordPress course and company that can’t get me past the first hurdle of a known problem with WordPress.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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