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    My portfolio page is no longer displaying my portfolio items since I upgraded Canvas and WordPress.

    I realize that the Portfolio feature is going to be removed from Canvas, but I feel that I’m running into an issue because “Portfolio” is

    still part of the settings and there still is a Portfolio page template.

    Can you tell me if the Portfolio feature has officially been removed from Canvas or if I am having an issue with my Portfolio displaying? If

    it is an issue… Do you know how to fix it?

    I’d like to suggest you to create a Portfolio plugin that easily integrates with Canvas. I can see many users, including myself, that would

    need to replace a current Portfolio that uses the built-in feature in Canvas. Not a fancy Portfolio, just something that is basic and

    integrates easily with Canvas. Woothemes is pushing the plugin “Projects by Woothemes”, but it does not integrate easily with Canvas.

    (coding is required)

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Tracy,

    Sounds a bit strange – I’ll run some tests this end and let you know what I find :)



    Thanks Jamie. I do see if the problem occurred when I upgrades to WP 4.0, or when I did the upgrade to Canvas 5.8.3.


    I just now reverted back to Canvas 5.8.2 and all is well. So the portfolio works with Canvas 5.8.2 + WP 4.0, but not with Canvas 5.8.3 + WP 4.0.

    Having reverted is not a solution for me. I was just trying to help with the testing process. If you figure out why the portfolio feature does not work with 5.8.3 it is very much appreciated.


    This has happened to me as well. I updated a site to the same spec: 5.8.3 / FW 6.0.3 / Wp 4.0

    Lost Portfolio feature, as Projects is replacing Portfolio. Why!?!?! When your clients use a lot of images to display products & services, then you lose the key element to display images smoothly, I struggle to understand why Portfolio is being phased.

    I even posted an to find out why they’ve decided to this. So far, heard nothing…

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Mark – i’ve answered this is the other thread :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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