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    Patrick Wilkinson

    Hi Jamie,

    Firstly thanks again for a superb workshop in Manchester. I’m determined to sort our sites out and re-write them in WordPress.

    I’m not taking the easiest route, but I know it’s the most future-proof, that being I’ve purchased Canvas and am trying to get to grips with it.

    The detail I don’t have a problem with and I’m working through your Academy and Woo’s videos. But it’s the concept stuff and the big initial choices I struggle with and I’m afraid of making the wrong decisions too early.

    If you would be kind enough to answer me a couple of questions, I think things would fall into place.

    I’ve emailed you a simple home page layout – could you tell me which Canvas template would be best for this? Then how many columns, etc.? How do I do the three coloured boxes, which are to have jpg images with overlaid text and links to other pages, and position them? I’m completely confused how to add elements like these and can’t find the answer anywhere.

    Lastly, should I be doing this as a child theme of Canvas? I’ve read scary things about losing data if Woo upgrade Canvas, but not sure if this applies if all I’m doing is option changes within Canvas options.

    Jamie Marsland

    HI Patrick,

    Could you resend the image of your layout as it’s rather small :)

    However I would take a look at the widgets page template this gives you the most flexibility to add various to your page. You could combine this with the column layout option in the wooframework to achieve what you are after. You will also need some custom css for your boxes.

    Yes it’s a good idea to use a child theme to put your custom css in. Here are a few free child themes that I’ve created that will make this easy for you :)

    Let me know if that makes sense :)


    Patrick Wilkinson

    Hi Jamie,

    Thank-you so much for such an enjoyable on the one to one day on Monday. The result was fabulous. But, the minute I’m on my own…… I realise there are somethings I watched you do, but don’t really understand. So, Id appreciate your help on the following.

    The ‘Stock for Sale’ , ‘Shoeing’ and ‘RFBS’ boxes I assume are text widgets. I can’t seem to change the font, size and colour without messing up the layout and then not lining up at the top.

    Also, I’m confused re. font changes to the Header 1, 2, 3 etc. settings and the code you wrote for some text e.g. Welcome to Gracewood… The Header (global?) settings seem to contradict the font settings in the code for that element. So my question is first of one of principle – if I’m working with Canvas, where are the font colour and size changes best made? In Canvas or the global settings in the WordPress dashboard? I’ve tried changing some to see where the changes appear, but I’m still confused, so I’d appreciate you spelling out the principles of where I should be making the changes.

    I guess you still have all the login details, so can take a look.

    I’m keen, but confused! Thanks again for Monday – brilliant.

    Best regards, Patrick

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Patrick,

    Here are some answers :)

    1) Actually they are just content in between content on your home page (not text widgets) . I’ve fixed them up for you. Generally I would advise you to stick to only making certain words bold between short codes – adding headings will generally mess up the formatting.

    2) When you say the header do you mean the logo and the menu. They are separate elements and can be styled differently if you wish. Both options are within the Canvas options.

    Thanks for the feedback about Monday – i think your site looks brill :)


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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