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    Holger Eggerichs

    Dear all,

    for cloudsters, we’d like to create a ‘Multi-Onepager-Style’ Webpage using the Canvas theme.

    We would have the Primary Navigation Dimensions ‘Community’, ‘Space’, ‘Agency’ and ‘Journal’, which each will contain a number of Content-Blocks and an infinite number of featured posts at the bottom.

    My questions are:

    – Can I create multiple (for each dimension) infinite pages within the Canvas Theme?
    – When choosing one dimension in the primary navigation, can I show a horizontal secondary menu that allows me to jump to a certain section and highligts the section, I am currently in?

    Hope I made myself clear… :-)

    Greetings from cloudsters Luebeck,


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Holger,

    Here’s a few answers

    1) Yes there is no limit to how many pages you create in canvas (or any other wordpress theme)
    2) Yes you could do this , but it’s slightly complex to try and explain (sorry). Essentially you could use woosidebar manager to create custom menus for each sub page and then create anchor links.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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