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    Noel Creary

    Hi Jamie,

    I recently did your ‘WordPress in a day” course in Cheltenham. I was the Jamaican Food guy and was very impressed and learnt enough to get me started.

    Anyway I am still getting to grips with worpdress and woothemes and have a couple of probelms:
    1. I have created a picture in on my home page but when I run the cursor over them they are still clickable which is what I dont want. I’ve tried to tuen off the link url but keeps coming back. can you help? the practice site is
    2. Do you have a tutorial video on how to cutomise the footer?
    Many Thanks


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Noel,

    Your practice site is looking good :)

    Here are your answers…

    1) By default there is no way to not make the gallery images clickable. This is how they are meant to behave. There may be a plugin that lets you make them unclickable but I haven’t used it before.

    2) What kind of footer customisation are you after?



    Noel Creary

    Thanks Jamie,

    With regard to the footer, I’d like it same as Pootlepress but without all the logos?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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