How to install a wordpress site onto an existing site

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    Hi Jamie

    Hope you are well. I want to start building (in the background) a web site for my company but i already have one installed at this url

    How should i best do this
    I will get my old web company to move the site to heart who will host it
    With them i can do one click install of WP but where should i install it if

    1) I want to work on it for 2 months and nobody see it
    2) After 2 months i want it visible
    3) but i still will want to work on a development copy of the site to build a shop

    are these things possible?

    Also – am i safe to build the site working on a mac or should you only use a pc for building web sites

    Thanks Austin


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Austin,

    Yes all possible – I’m about to do a tutorial on this :)

    Here’s how to do it

    1) Install your new wordpress site on a temp url at your hosting company. Your hosting company should be able to help here
    2) Install a plugin like
    3) Once you have finished your website , point your domain to the new website (typically by changing the A records in your domain to point to the new IP address of the new server)

    Hope that helps :)

    Let me know how you go,


    Thanks jamie and i look forward to seeing the tutorial

    I guess Heart would be familiar with all of this as Im using them

    last question

    I will do the site in two stages. When im happy with stage one i would like to release it to the world

    but then i would like to do a woo commerce shop. How can i work on this shop in the background and only upload & release it when i am happy. Is there some way of keeping a development site in the background?

    Finally do you have a place left on your woo commerce course in london?


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Austin,

    Great to see you have booked a place on the WooCommerce course :)

    1) The easiest way to hide the shop would be to just leave off your menus for now. There are other technical ways but that is the most straightforward.

    2) Yes Heart will be familiar with building your new site under a temp url.

    Hope that makes sense :)



    Hi jamie

    Hope you are well

    I have now got control of my web site hosting –

    I have askled Heart if they can set up a temporary url for me but they tell me to do thsi

    Hi Austin,

    Thanks for your reply.

    You can set up a new WordPress website in a new folder in your websites directory.

    Once you have done all of this you could create a redirect to that folder so that when visiting the domain it will redirect people to the new website you create.

    If you have any more questions please let me know.

    Jamie – can you tell me what is best to do. I am worried about making a mistake

    Thansk Austin

    If i click on install wordpress it gives me the following options in extend

    Installation Directory: /home/sites/
    Website Addresses:

    Thansk for your help


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Austin,

    I wouldn’t install WordPress in a sub-directory on your existing website. This makes it more difficult for you to get it live.

    Create a completely separate installation of WordPress and install on the temp url (that you have listed above).

    Does that make sense?



    Hi jamie

    thanks for this and today

    One question about domain mapping

    if i map my new site to my existing domain

    what makes the old site disappear and the new wordpress site appear instead?

    when i read Hearst explanation of domain mapping it doesnt explain that that will happen




    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Austin,

    Once you have finished your new site before you map it to your domain you need to change the A records in your domain name control panel to the new IP address of your new server. Found by clicking on the temp url link in your new hosting package.

    This points your domain name to your new server and the old website just goes offline :)

    Does that make sense?



    Hi Jamie

    I think thsi does make sense

    My domian is controlled by Timico – for historic resaons and i have chosen to leave it there as that feels simpler – i can send them the information

    and just to check i understand

    when i clicked on the temporary url link in my new hosting package i get

    so i would send them that information, correct?

    thanks and have a good easter


    HI Jamie

    Hope you are well. Ive just seen your video on installing wordpress for an existing site – but i cant find it now. Can you send me a link?

    Im going to start building my new site. Ive checked (and you may remember this) my temp url link is already taken. so for me to install a new site do you still recommend the following or is there a better method now?

    1) create a new url – for example
    2) using xtend in heart install wordpress on to teh tempporary url associated with that name – in my case
    3) build the site there and then follow your video to change the dns a records of my site to that – plus the other steps in your video?


    does this mean i have to host the too? as well as (my original site?

    will this make seo less efficient


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Austin,

    Here’s the link

    If i understand correctly, then yes you’ll need to set up an extra hosting for the new website,



    Hi Jamie

    Thanks for video link and i undestand how it works but with my situation i dont understand how if i set up a new url

    when i install the wordpress on the temp url of the above and then change the dns A records my url will be and not



    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Austin,

    I should check with Heart Internet for your particular case – but Heart Internet have a domain name tool that lets you convert one domain into another one.


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