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    Steve Hammond

    Having attended Jamie’s workshop last week we’re now feeling sufficiently brave/foolish enough to learn by doing and have picked up 2 website projects that we’re going to try in WP rather than going the old bespoke build CMS route. Accordingly we’ll probably be asking a lot of newbie/idiot questions but I hope you’ll bear with us!

    Having looked at previous posts here on moving sites around it looks less straightforward than the moving of files around from test servers to live hosting that we’re more familiar with. Where clients have existing sites is it generally preferable (simpler/more reliable) to build the new WP sites on other servers and then either point the domains to them, or to go through what looks like a less than straightforward process of installing WP and then export/import into the existing domain?

    The first of these projects has a very short time to launch and we want to avoid getting a sign off and then not being able to get the site to run on their hosting.

    Your real world experiences would be much appreciated. Thanks

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Steve,

    From our experience Option 1 is definitely the easiest route to go down for you :)

    1) Install WordPress on a live server
    2) Build it under a temp url (hopefully your hosting co will give you this option)
    3) Change the A records in your domain name to point to the new server (shown in the temp url)
    4) Once 3 has worked (i.e the domain name has resolved), then change the domain name in your WordPress dashboard to the correct domain name (dashboard /general)

    Let me know if that makes sense,


    Steve Hammond

    Thanks Jamie. We’ll give it a go and see how we get on. S

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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