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    Stuart Calder

    Using woocommerce, my website is almost ready for publishing, but I have one element that needs refining. I have two different sorts of product – 1) A Mixed Case of several wines, and the product image for this works very well, as it usually a big photo of a vineyard, the growers etc. and 2) Individual bottles of wine, for which the image is much smaller in size, and usually a label or bottle. However although the category thumbnail is fine for these, when the product image appears this image usually becomes disproportionately large (occupying a physically larger area on the page than say the images of 1), and it will often pixellate in the process.
    If I change the woocommerce settings for product image from 600×600, how do I know what size to change them to? Will it just be to 300×300 like the success catalogue images or is it the real size of the image? And, if I do so, I presumably then click regenerate thumbnails for just those particular products. I assume that change this will not affect all the product images of 1). Finally, do I have to reset the product image in settings to 600×600 when I create the next new product 1)?

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Stuart,

    Out of the box you can only have one size for all products. The settings in WooCommerce need to be the same as your theme, in this case Canvas. All the settings in WooCommerce do is size the pictures to your themes size. So for example if you set an image to be 150×150 in WooCommerce it will still stretch to the theme size eg 400×400. So it’s a case of making sure your pictures that are pixelating are actually bigger.

    Make sense?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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