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    Aarif Merali


    Looking for a simple document library plugin which will do the following:

    1) Allow admin users to upload documents – admin users would need to login.

    2) Allow non-admin users to download download documents only – non-admin users would also need to login to get access to the content.

    A quick search on the web shows Memphis Document Library as a possible – is this the best bet or is there something simpler to use?



    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Aarif,

    I’ve used this one before and it’s very good :)

    WordPress Download Manager


    Aarif Merali

    Thanks Jamie – I will go check it out.




    Have you tried Posts Table Pro for your document library? A lot of people have switched to it after having issues with other document library WordPress plugins. You can add each of your documents as a post or custom post type. The plugin automatically lists all your documents in a table. The table can list any information about each document such as the title, a brief description, file format, file size etc.

    This would meet your requirements as follows:

    1. Admin users would add each document as a post or custom post, depending on how you decide to structure your documents in the back end.

    2) Non-admin users would view the document library on the front end of the website, so they won’t have to make changes. You can add the document library on any page of the website and password protect it using the password protection feature built into WordPress.

    I hope this helps!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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