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    Hi Jamie,

    I am going to create another site with wordpress and would like to have a membership area with some interactive pages. One page for example they would be able to capture their goals and break them down into actions and tasks etc…
    I haven’t seen a a plugin yet that does this. Do you know of any that could do this?
    Alternatively I am considering hiring a programmer to do the job but I would like it to link to a wordpress based site so I can have full control of it. Any advice about what my best options may be would be greatly appreciated!!
    Thanks and regards


    Hi Jamie,
    Actually to add to the above, I have just been looking at the tutorial for Woo Sensei. Do you think I could achieve this function with Woo Sensei? I am thinking that by setting up a Course one course could be the member’s goals to be set. Then within the course I could create a quiz – but rather than questions these could be tasks to complete the goal?? I think Sensei has another option other than just multiple choice answers now? Do you think this might work?

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    Jamie Marsland

    Hi James,

    Yes Sensei might be worth a look for what you are after. Also take a look at the Achievements for WordPress plugin


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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