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    Charlotte Pritchard

    I watched the video on targeting an element by creating a class and then writing CSS. I am somehow not able to get this to work. I think I must be missing a step. So on the HTML tab of my page I added a class —
    <div class=”home-page-images”><p style=”text-align: center;”>spoon real estate website description2</p></div>
    I want to remove the default image border from this image, but still have the border on the other images within the site. Using Firebug I created this CSS to remove image borders —
    hr, .entry img, img.thumbnail, .entry .wp-caption, #footer-widgets, #comments, #comments .comment.thread-even, #comments ul.children li, .entry h1 {
    border: none;
    This removes the border from all of the images on the site successfully. But when I try to target just the on image with this CSS, nothing happens all of the images including the one I want to exclude have borders–
    .home-page-images {
    border: none;
    My website is


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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