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    I built my 1st WordPress site and then have done very little apart from minor amends since then. I now have to build another site for another conference which will have an almost identical structure and very similar content. Is there a quick and easy way that I can copy the whole site across to another URL? Current holding page (the techie did this but no one would find it so its not as bad as it could be!)


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Rebecca,

    The site looks great ..well done :)

    Because you are using canvas this is quite easy.

    Go to existing website

    1) Go to Tools/Export. Then Export all content to a file. Save file to PC.
    2) Go to Canvas/Back up settings. Download Export file to PC.

    Go to new WordPress website..

    3) Upload and activate the Canvas theme.
    4) Go to Tools / Import. Import all content from the file that you saved in Step 1 above.
    5) Go to Canvas/Back up settings. Browse and upload the file you created in Step 2 above .
    6) Re-select and click save your menu as the Primary menu. Found in Appearance/Menus.

    That should be it. I have sometimes found that you need to upload your slider images again, but test first.


    ps is that kilimanjaro ?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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