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    Site is WP using Superstore, Woo Commerce, extensions present:
    Dynamic Pricing. (Which I can use for bulk discounts) and
    Customer-Order-CSV- import – import coupons

    I am working on a basketball site and I have about 200 teams to create unique, single use codes for to give them free of charge balls – the balls are different products, different sizes as well and different combinations of balls.

    For example:
    Team A gets 2 x Ball 1 and 3 x Ball 2 free
    Team B gets 3 x Ball 1 and 4 x Ball 2 and 3 x Ball 3
    The simple one:
    Team C gets 2 x Ball 1 – easy coupon, just time consuming to create x 100!

    They can then add additional product to their cart should they wish. They will still have a to pay a shipping charge, even if they buy nothing else.

    I want to give Team A (and B, C D etc etc) one unique code to cover all of their FOC balls, but I don’t think I can do this when there are 2 or more different products included FOC in the offer? Obviously if I have to give multiple codes for each of these teams it will dramatically increase the number of coupons I have to create.

    The Smart Coupon extension seems to have an option to duplicate a coupon, which would save me time if I can work out how to generate one code for all the products that are free in one go.

    Any suggestions?

    Kind Regards


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Helen,

    Apologies for the lack of response this end – yours is probably the most complex question we’ve had on the forum :)

    Have you had any luck resolving it yet?


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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