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    Hi Jamie,

    Ive undone what we did on the 121 day with my jkb site.
    Im going back to using the Canvas child theme jotter and for now just want to have a straight forward blog.

    I have 2 posts so far and both show ‘comments are closed’ at the footer of each post.
    I would like the blog author info listed and the ability for folks to leave replies and comments.

    1. How do I turn this back on, any idea ol chap? :)
    2. If this is a code thing you did am I better, re-installing Canvas and Jotter to go back to the woo themes defaults?

    Thanks in advance Jake.
    (40 miles Sunday, same Wednesday and going for a little jaunt today – Let me know when you are ready to talk winter bikes)

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Jake,

    You can turn on comments by going to Dashboard / Settings / Discussion. Just make sure the 3rd checkbox down is ticked – the one that says allow people to post comments on new articles.

    You might also need to turn on comments for your existing posts.


    ps well done on the cycling :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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