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    Thanks for another great video tutorial – this time CSS for Beginners. It has helped crystalise a few things I’ve been wondering about for a while.

    I’ve been using bits of CSS but putting them either in a child theme that I created myself (very inexpertly) or in the Custom CSS box under General Settings. The last time I updated Canvas I was faced with a mess. So,
    1. if you put your CSS into the Custom CSS box in general settings, does it get over-written when Canvas is updated?
    2. what is the main purpose of this box?
    3. does using Jetpack give exactly the same result as using a child theme? and
    4. can I simply put all of my custom CSS into the Jetpack style sheet & forget the other 2?

    Thanks again for your help.( My family thinks I’m mad when I watch your tutorials & then try to implement the ideas instead of watching TV at night. My dogs recognise sanity when they see it though.)

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Margaret,

    Thanks for the feedback on the CSS tutorial :)

    Those are great questions…here are some answers!

    1) Yes I believe putting CSS in Canvas will get overiden when you update the theme (i’m not 100% sure because i don’t do it this way)

    2) It’s an easy way to put your custom css into (but not the best)

    3) Yes Jetpack works in the same way as a child theme – but Jetpack is restricted to only CSS whereas in a child theme you could add custom php and other customisations.

    4) Yes if you are only modifying CSS then Jetpack is a good solution and you can forget about the other 2.

    Working on WordPress is always more fun that watching TV :)

    Onwards and upwards,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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