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    Christian Thage

    Hey Jamie,

    first off I wanna thank you for all you’re doing here. Your tutorials have been a big help in getting to know wordpress and canvas. And your work supporting people here in the forums is inspiring. I will continue as a happy academy member for a long time and a customer off your nice plug ins.

    So, my situation and question:

    I am in the process of creating a webshop with canvas and after studying my options, I have decided to try building it via the widgetized homepage option. On my homepage I would like a sidebar on each side with various social platform updates, blog posts with wide pictures and a minimum amount of text. The plan is to introduce products mainly via blog posts with extensive info etc and the blog post picture being a graphic presentation with a picture of the product and a text to explain, so this would be all that is necessary to show of the post first off. So on the homepage, I would have a slider at the top, and a list of chosen blog posts (products presentations), some featured products etc.

    I am having some issues with this though.

    The business slider.

    I choose the business slider as a woo component in the widgets section. Now i know that currently it is not possible to get it full width with the widgetized homepage, and in the beginning, this is ok. But the first problem i encounter, is that it is displayed in between the sidebars, which doesnt work out. How would you get it to display at the top, over the sidebars in the widgetized homepage option.

    I save my second question for later on… hehe.

    i made the page public if you want to have a look at what i mean.

    thanks in advance :)


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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