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    Hi all,

    Brand new so I hope I can express myself in the right manner.

    I would like to ask if anyone knows how to include something like this:

    <?php if (class_exists(‘plista’)) { echo plista::plista_integration ($content); } ?>

    (Partner/affilate code)

    into the hook system OR the footer of woothemes canvas. It seems that is not possible to include php into the hook system. Any idea how to make this possible?

    Reason is: I need to have this adds be shown on ALL pages of the domain and I have no problem including this into templatefiles single.php and page.php but it does NOT show on category and search pages if I include this code into archive.php or search.php. Pasting it into the footer.php does not work too.

    Any help is highly appreciated.


    Jamie Marsland


    Quick question: are you using a plugin for the plista advertising code?



    Hi Jamie,

    yes I am using this. In the settings of this plugin I can choose: “set position for the widget by yourself” which is what I did and if I choose this, I have to set up the plista-add-widget with this php code in my templates.

    No prob for single.php and (plista widget is showing up nicely) but no chance on archive.php, archive-loop.php or search.php.

    I know I am using the right template files. And some html is in fact showing on this category and search pages when I put some html, but it is not working on the specific pages archive.php and search.php not this special php code for my plista widget.

    Thanks for the reply.


    The support of plista told me the plugin is looking for content on the page, like title, text and image-path.

    Search.php and archive.php pages don’t have content & title, so now I am looking for a way to make the template include this things (title and content-loop) but not showing them on the frontend.

    Anyone with enough php knowledge to tell me how to achieve that?


    I fixed the problem with the help of JS in the files archive.php, and loop-search.php. Thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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