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    Hi Jamie
    I have Canvas 5.0.5 and want to add Woo commerce so realise I will still need Canvas Commerce.  
    I was unsure how the Canvas Commerce Child Theme would sit with my existing Child Theme and had not got around to purchasing it so took the risk in installing Woo commerce first as an experiment – It added Shop pages as expected.  However as a result some of my Canvas customizations made in the Canvas options panel were lost ie Header spacing lost and Dividers for Primary Navigation changed colour.  Woops !  Now the Canvas Theme no longer functions fully despite having almost immediately uninstalled Woo commerce.  Canvas Menu is not displaying fully.  Any ideas what to do now; except cry ?  I don’t want to do any more uninstalls / reinstalls without advice.
    Thanks Lee

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Lee,

    Sorry to hear you are having problems…

    First thing to say is that you don’t need Canvas Commerce with Canvas VS 5 and above. Canvas now comes with all the styles for Woocoommerce built in.

    So I should start by de-activating your Canvas Commerce child theme.



    Thanks Jamie
    I am now back in Bristol and Canvas Theme working perfectly on both laptops / Chrome & Internet Explorer.  I am still unsure if it was a system / browser issue at college or due to the fact that I had installed Woocommerce.  Just to clarify – I have Canvas 5.0.5. whilst the note on your video tutorial suggests that only versions 5.0.9 and after are fully compatible with Woocommerce without the need for Canvas Commerce.  I now know that Canvas Commerce is no longer available anyway.  I have not installed Canvas Commerce as I don’t have it  – The only Child Theme I have is the one I set up to hold any custom CSS which I need to retain.  I can get round most problems – Will try Woocommerce again.
    Thanks Lee

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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