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    Hi Jamie

    As a WordPress newbie I was very happy to come across PootlePress!

    I’m a fan of your site, very helpful, clear and informative.

    I’m planning to build a site using WP and WooThemes Canvas. I’ve had a play around with it I think it can do about 80% of the things I’m looking for.

    However there are some things I’d like to customise to help with conversions and readability and would like to know if I can do these effectively with plug-ins, or I’d need bespoke coding:

    – A widget/shortcode allowing me to place additional email sign up boxes (subscriber data capture box) in the body of pages and blog posts

    – A ‘lightbox’ to highlight email sign up boxes for new site visitors to certain pages, making the background fade to grey (I’ve seen some standard lightbox plug-ins for WordPress but none of them seem to work¬†very well). I don’t want to use a ‘pop-up’, I’d like to highlight existing email sign up boxes in the position they are already on on the page, and fade the rest of the page to grey.

    – An ‘accordion’ feature so readers can ‘open’ blocks of text within a blog post or page.

    – Bespoke buttons/icons/header formats that can be dropped into pages and blog posts as shortcode

    – A button that users can press to enlarge the text size on the page (i.e. some sites have ‘AAA’ icons and the select small medium or large sized text).

    Thanks for reading!


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Jo,

    Firstly thank you for the feedback on our website :)

    Here are (some) of your answers..

    1) If you are using a sign up service like mailchimp then you should just be able to put their html code into your pages (in the html tab). What email service are you using?
    2) This is very difficult without using a pop up box. Also what would you like to happen if they don’t fill in the email? Are these squeeze pages?
    3) Accordian: Take a look at the content toggle functionality that comes with the wooframework as this will let you do this
    4)Buttons: Again the wooframework allows you to create custom buttons or icons. This is found by clicking on the woo menu item in page/post edit screen.
    5) Change text size: Here’s a plugin However it hasn’t been updated for a while.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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