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    Hi Jamie, I’m stumped on this one.
    I built this site a while back and it all functions fine, I have custom side bars using different widget areas throughout the site.
    Yesterday I added a blog page at and all looks fine with it’s bespoke sidebar content just for that page. I used the “Blog” template file for the blog page as instructed in your vids. Problem I have is that if I set the “posts page” to be on the “blog” page in “reading” as instructed the side bar content disappears from the blog page. Set the “posts page” back to “-Select-” in the drop down menu and my side bar re-appears. I took everything apart and started fresh but no matter what I do the sidebar content disappears when I set the “Posts page” in Reading to “blog”. If you look at the site the posts show up fine on the blog page but it’s currently set to “-Select-” in reading to show the sidebar. Any thoughts please?

    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Al,

    If you are using the blog page template then you don’t need to set the reading settings post option.

    Let me know if that clear things up :)



    Well that explains it! Excellent, we didn’t want to start posting away on the blog if it wasn’t set up right.
    Many thanks again Jamie.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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