Best file formats for photos and videos

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    Brian Kirk

    Hi, I need to make lots of pics for my website,
    1. What is the best format for photos JPEF, GIF or PNG ?
    2. Which formats are best for video
    3. Can you recommend a photo and video editing program(s) ?
    4. Is it a good idea to store them all in Google Picasa or Vimeo, or other?
    Many thanks


    Jamie Marsland


    Here’s your answers

    1) Photo’s JPG’s
    2) Logos – gifs and png’s
    3) Video depends on your camera really but if you use Vimeo or Youtube they will encode for you
    4) Yep use Vimeo or Youtube for your videos and then embed them into your posts or pages



    Jamie Marsland

    Sorry missed one out :)

    Photo editing
    Picassa is good for simple edits (and it’s free!)

    Or moving up in budget

    Photoshop elements (or photoshop if you can afford it)
    Pixelmator (only on the mac)

    imovie on the mac
    Movie Maker – on the pc


    Brian Kirk

    Many thanks.
    BTW there is a typo in you blog email message footer
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    I before e except after c


    Jamie Marsland

    Tks, that’s a bbpress plugin typo :)

    Will let them them know :)


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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