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    Can you help with letting me know how to add pictures inside widgets. Particularly using the ‘Text’ widget or is there another way of achieving this outcome, here is an example (scroll down to the footer:

    Thanks, mark


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Mark,

    To do this you need to add HTML to your text widget.

    Top tip!
    1) To create the HTML create a new post (your are not going to publish this, but you are going to use it to create your HTML)
    2) upload your image and insert into your post
    3) click on HTML tab in the post editor
    4) copy HTML
    5) paste HTML into your text widget
    6) sit back and marvel at your work!


    Oh, that is very cool. This opens up a world of opportunity. It is so simple and effective. Do you ever use – it’s a great resource Jamie. Perfect for keeping to a set of icons for a business, such automotive. Thanks for your help.


    Here is a question, so, I have completed the above instructions and it works, well, very well but where do you place the url to point to a page for example, or even make the image non clickable?


    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Mark,

    When you upload the image (before you click insert into post) you get an option to do this. The field is called ‘Link URL’


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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