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    Arrrrggghhh…. When I try to change my permalinks or upload a a picture to a post from my media, it keeps coming up with “406 not Available”. Ive deactivated all my plugins, but to no avail. On other sites it talk about adding a security .htaccess file to my WP admin folder ( of which I do not know how to find). Any help would be appreciated, as up to now, I have deleted and restarted my website on 3 seperate occasions.

    Many Thanks

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    Jamie Marsland

    Hi Barry,

    This isn’t something I’ve come across before. It sounds to me like a server issue and something that your hosting company should be able to fix. Out of interest who are you hosting with?



    Hi Jamie, It’s hostpapa.


    Hi Jamie, the issue has been resolved. The webhosts have adjusted their mod_security settings and resolved it. Their customer service is extremely quick. This is the second time I’ve contacted them and they’ve been brilliant.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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