Reply To: Pictures too big for slider!!

Trish Mullen

Jamie, thanks for coming back to me on this – the URL to the site –

The pictures are 2048 x 1365 and I’ve tried all sorts of ways of resizing them. I used the Feature Slider Height as the default is 350px – I tried it at everything and it works around 650px but takes up practically the whole web page :)

I tried choosing the ‘large’ option and even ‘medium’ in WP Uploading Images but it doesn’t make any difference. I even physically resized them using the 350px height option and allowing WP to automatically configure the width in relation to that. It didn’t make any difference. So I truly am at a loss…..

I’ve put 3 pictures on the slider there for you to see Jamie so any suggestions you have will be most welcome. I may need to ask her to ask the photographer to resize and send them,what do you think? What size are the ones you upload from your desktop in the training video, can I ask?

I have a couple of other questions in relation to some columns but I’ll post that in the relevant section so any others experiencing the same will have the answers there.

That site is very much ‘work in progress’ Jamie… you will be able to tell :) – and it’s all done thanks to your brilliant training day and those excellent Canvas videos.

Thanks again

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