Reply To: Customing Canvas menu

Paul Brooks

Hi Jamie
Bit of a saga this afternoon…I noticed a ” missing above on an import statement, so put that right. Having seen some examples on the net I also played with including and excluding brackets around the import file names, settling in the end on no brackets. I tried the child theme again, and the menu was now horizontal and colours as required but the sub items were at top level in menu. Up to now every page was defined as No Parent. Clutching at straws I defined the subs as having appropriate Parent “…”. This made sub items appear correctly below the right parent, but the left to right sequence of top level items was wrong – didnt reflect the sequence defined in Appearance>Menu. Time to clutch at another straw – I changed all the page order values from 0 to the order the menu items should be in, and voila – this put the menu sequence right. I’m now left with just one problem throughout the above – Home appears twice on the menu. There is only one page called Home. If I use Appearance>menu to delete Home, still 2 persist.I’ve tried deleting the entire menu and rebuilding it but still have 2 Homes. If I revert to canvas as my theme I only get one Home on the menu. I’d appreciate your thought on that, and whether all of the above were necessary – too many variables, too little knowledge to be sure here. As a BTW is the import of canvas/css/reset.css necessary? – I can’t find the file using ftp on host.

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